M3i Zero Adapter for Nintendo Dsi

Published: 29th April 2010
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M3i Zero is compatible with DS, DSL & Dsi . Consumer can use PC and normal SD and TF card reader for transferring movies and music files to the SD and TF card. And then insert the M3i zero Adapter with the SD and TF card into the GBA and NDS, and will be available after boot up the console. M3i Zero features the same as any other MP3 player in the market but can also play open source and license free games, movies instead of playing music only .eg. Supports playing more than thousands of homebrew games. The best and unique feature of M3i Zero adapter is that you can directly run homebrew software on it which includes emulators, PDA, browser and much more.

M3i Zero adapter is also supporting 100% game compatibility. It can support slow motion features while playing multimedia files. Also user can download play as well supported by M3i Zero adapter. It delivers high compatibility with both NDS and GBA games. M3i Zero adapter is quite simple in use. You have to drag and drop the files onto the micro sd card and then enjoy playing games. M3i Zero adapter contains 4-scale lightness adjustment. Rumble pack, GBA expansion pack and DS browser all are well supported by M3i Zero adapter. Its a good supporter of homebrews and moonshell games. If any buyer have any doubt regarding M3i Zero adapter then can visit online shops and webshops in order to clarify their doubts. Manufacturers are providing one year warranty on M3i Zero adapters. Especially M3i Zero adapter is beneficial for both nds and dsi users worlwide.

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